We are currently recruiting for positions to work during a major sporting event in London during the summer
Are you happy to continue with our online application which will take around 10-15 minutes?  
Please advise if you have already undertaken an accreditation process for a major sporting event that will take place in London this summer  
Have you had any experience working in a catering or cleaning role?  
We have various positions we are currently recruiting for.
Please can you specify the position/positions you would like to apply for:


Your Passport and Visa (if applicable) must be valid until the 31/12/2012

Please confirm you can provide these documents when required  
Do you hold a UK/EU passport or a current EU Identity card? (We also accept a full and current UK drivers licence as a form of ID)  
Please confirm you are available from the 27th July to the 9th Sept  
Can you work 5 out of 7 days per week during this period  
Would you be willing to work nights?